Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

*NEW* Your MOST Consistent Self


The ultimate, 5-week program to create the mindset needed for exercising consistently so that you can feel strong and energized, proud of yourself in the mirror, and loving how your clothes fit (without making exercise your entire life).

"I found a new and better version of myself. I kept thinking that I wanted the old me back, but instead the 2.0 version ended up being a kick ass and evolved me!"

Kristi G.
1:1 coaching client

Consistency Club 



The CC helps women struggling to exercise go from feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and insecure in their bodies to loving how they feel in their clothes, proud of themselves, and exercising with ease (even if they've tried before and failed in the past).

"I have more confidence, strength and appreciation knowing that I can achieve my goals and be proud for how far I've come! "

Diya C.
consistency club member

60-Minute Consistency Coaching Session



You and I will unpack your biggest struggles that are keeping you stuck and create a clear, step-by-step action plan that's customized to your lifestyle so that you can get results in months, not years (without giving up the things you love).

"Working with Jayda is lifesaving The mindset shifts I've had are astronomical and are the real game-changers in creating long lasting progress in working out consistently."

Fallon F.
1:1 coaching client

Consistency Accelerator


If I had to start all over again, this is exactly what I would do! Accelerate your consistency journey will this 60-minute jam packed masterclass to skyrocket your results.


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