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The Goddess Mindset podcast is here to help you up-level your life in exercise, mindset, and personal development. A Goddess Mindset allows you to fully embrace the gorgeous, admirable Goddess within and live the life you can't stop thinking about.

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Jayda Kapeller

As your exercise consistency coach, my mission is to ensure women have the mindset, tools and strategies to create a consistent exercise routine that lasts.

I was held back by my mindset for years (unknowingly), which kept me stagnant and in a vicious cycle of negative self-talk while trying to achieve my exercise goals.

A growth mindset has CHANGED my life entirely, so now I am here to share everything I've learned in order to help women create the mindset needed to propel themselves forward.

"Love this podcast! The topics are right on point and the length is perfect to get a quick hit of motivation."

Ashley H.

Listen to my MOST popular episode:

18. The Mindset Needed for Consistency


I am diving deep into my personal story of how I went from skipping my workouts to exercising consistently. Your mindset has the power to launch you forward or hold you back. Listen today!
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